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Love and Relationships by Samuel Teong

31 Jan

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Our relationship is something you won’t see everyday on TV or at the movies. Everything seemed boring as usual until I received a call from one of my friends who had lost contact for about 3 years, then she invited me to her housewarming party on Christmas Eve of the year 2009 and I met Miss Dorine Goh on that day.

On my side, I seriously liked her a lot! Therefore, I sent her back to home after playing mahjong till morning 8.00 a.m. so we exchanged contact numbers in the Comfort cab.

That time I only know that Dorine is a 34 years old girl. Like any other Singaporeans, she lives in a HDB flat and eats at coffee shop.

Few days later, we then communicated over the phone until I saw a friend request on Facebook. It was her adding me as a friend. She started putting her relationship with me upon my acceptance in Facebook.

I always like to view her account, checking photos and waiting for a message from her. I even memorised all her photo comments during that stage.

On the other hand I knew it was impossible to make her my girlfriend because I felt she was too beautiful to accept someone like me.

She looked so shy and nice with her long hair. After a long messaging period on Facebook and chatting over the phone, I had the courage to tell her that I wanted her to be my girlfriend because I felt there could be no one else for me, but I wasn’t brave enough to tell her that I had such serious thoughts and feelings for her so I just told her in keeping our relationship forever and do not leave me alone.

After a couple of weeks, we both figured out neither of us meant to leave the other because we were both serious about this relationship. There has been nothing we haven’t shared in months. We shared a lot of laughter, hugs, kisses and a love from deep inside, from the bottom of our hearts.

She gave the best ‘good morning’ kiss that I had ever received when I woke up one morning. I sent her a couple of gifts and I got to see how happy she was during that moment.

She has sacrificed a lot for us. She requested her father to let me stay at her favourite room with a monthly rental of $500.00 until 29 February 2012 because her father lately wanted to rent his 2 common rooms in Bedok South Road for $1,700.00 per month, but that didn’t keep her from dreaming together with me. We’ve been planning to meet as soon as possible everyday.

One of our biggest arguments was about this working issue. She hated some of the things going on in my workplace because I usually like to have some drinking sessions with colleagues, friends and schoolmates at KTV nite club most of the night. I listen to her daily complaints about it and I just replied her that I need to distress myself through drinking. She subsequently remained silent. How strong she is! Which couple can argue that much and still run back to each other in the end?

There were tears at the funeral of her mother in the month of June 2011 and my father’s departure on 1 January 2012. After she left for 5 Days 4 Nights vacation with her friend in December 2011, everything seemed so empty and meaningless. It was like I was the one who was being abandoned. I realised that loneliness is not a feeling caused by the lack of people around – it is a feeling caused by the lack of one person. I even cried in public and just hope that she will be fine coming back from Bangkok.

Another worriness that we are facing now is her family (Father, brother and nieces) did not support our relationship, so my family had started saying that it would be impossible for her to be happy in this kind of situation.

Some of my friends wanted us to end this relationship. I gave myself a thought that there’s only me and her in this world, we’re the only couple, we deserve to be happy, are meant to be together, now it was like the whole world was standing against us.

I was just a 32 years old boy; I had no house, no money and low salary job to make her happy. All I could give her was my love. When I was trying to hide things about my family, I was hurting her so much because my mother is the second wife of my father. We argued a lot and finally I told her what my family thinks about our relationship.

I really hope that those were the worst day of our lives I knew. We prayed every night to be together, not for a while but till the end of our lives. We tried to stay strong, but there were tears everyday.

Finally, thanks to my stubbornness, my mom and my girlfriend giving me nothing but love and making me stronger. I wish that everything will be settled down.

I tried not to make her worried about me and would always keep her informed even though I had so many problems to deal with.

This concluded that everyday we’re spending miserable life and I know that I cannot change her father’s perception, but I also know that “There’s a light that never goes out” whenever we feel alone because to die by her side would really be a heavenly way to die.

- Samuel Teong

Thanks to Samuel Teong for his letter. He has won a pair of tickets to Yin and Yang conference worth $140 on Sat 11 February. We publish it unedited below. Get your free pair of tickets to Yin and Yang by emailing us at your love story before 9 February 2002 too!

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